Sell us your collection!

We know selling your collection can be a difficult process. That's why we strive to offer the most informative, personal, fair and thorough examination of your collection.

With 40 years of buying under our belt, we've bought out radio stations like CHUM, York U radio, UofT Mississauga radio, and Ryerson radio, as well as countless former label employees.

Unlike other stores that say they'll pay half of what they'll sell it for, we at Kops don't believe in blanket policies like that. Instead we look at each record, and will pay upwards of 2/3rds on items, or even carry it on consignment to sell on your behalf

We buy at our Danforth location where parking actually exists. Just call ahead at (647) 347-0095 and chat with Nick or Martin so they know to expect you =)

Below we've given a wordy, but helpful! FAQ =)

Some FAQs:

Q: I want to sell my own/siblings/parents/children/relative/friend's record collection, what are some of the pitfalls I should avoid? What should I know?

A: First and foremost try to keep your collection whole. Selling at a garage sale/yard sale may seem successful at first, however in actuality your most valuable items are getting picked clean, and the less valuable items are getting left over. The end result will be trying to shop around a collection of leftover items that most stores will refuse, and your items that did have a value will have gone for far less than they could have. When we purchase a collection, we separate it into piles, so you can see what's valuable and why.

The second pitfall is selling the records you "don't want anymore" from your collection. You'll be disappointed to learn that the items you want to get rid of are the same items other collectors want to get rid of, and the ones you want to keep are the ones that have a value.

Finally while we love the enthusiasm shown by people who look up their albums online, or want to list them all in an excel file, it's best asking us first, as after 40 years, we tend not to need lists. It's also important to remember that if you're going to try and look your albums up online to self-appraise them, to look at what it's last SOLD for, not what someone is hoping to get for it, as anyone can put any price on an item, but what's important is what someone has PAID for it. EBay has a nifty "sold listings" feature you can use. Also note that if you're using discogs to look up albums to go by Sold listings too, and note: 1) if it hasn't sold for a while, that means that the listed prices are too high, 2) how many people want it vs have it 3) how many copies are for sale

At the end of the day though, you have to be comfortable with your decision to sell, so if there's any way we can ease the process, don't be afraid to ask! =)


Q: What are my records worth? $1 a piece? $2 a piece?

A: Since many records have different pressings/variants/misprints, it would be unfair to you to give a quote without looking at your record collection in person. Our motto is "What you think has value usually doesn't, and what you don't think has value usually does". For example, one word makes this Zeppelin album worth 9x as much, and do you recognize this Beatles album cover? Probably not, as it was recalled after only a short run, and can be hiding in plain sight, as it was hastily stickered over with the "Trunk" cover we know today!

In sum, there too many variants in a record to offer a price over the phone or via e-mail. In person is always the best bet =)


Q: I don't have a car / I live 30 minutes or more outside of Toronto / I have a car, but as a septuagenarian I don't have the mobility to lug around my collection. Can you come to me?

A: Of course, however whether we can come to you or not is based on how many records you have, what kind of collection it is, how far you are, and the titles/condition. If you're unsure, just ask =)


Q: Is it true you buy everything? Are there things you don't buy?

A: We do buy most everything, but there are a few things we don't buy/can't offer much for:

We sadly can't offer much for Classical (give us a call anyway, as we still may be interested)

Although old and interesting, we don't buy most 78s. If you have 78s to sell, feel free to let us know, as there are some rare ones with value, but most aren't in Toronto.

We also can't offer much for Pop/MoR artists, like Nana Mouskouri, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Anne Murray, Arthur Fiedler, and other artists in the Pop category. This is because like with 78s, there are far more sellers than buyers, and they're quite common.

A final note, while condition is critical, for us the title is the most important, so don't panic if your records are well loved, let us worry about the condition!



Q: There are over 50 record stores in Toronto and the GTA, all offering to buy my used! How do I know to pick Kops???

A: We're a family store; we've been buying and selling since 1976, and believe strongly in transparency. Martin himself has been buying and selling since 1965! We've got the knowledge, the background, and the expertise to quickly and easily assess your collection


So! Hopefully you've made it this far down! Our stores pride themselves on education and customer service, so ask any questions you have!


For more information, and to set up appointments, fill out the form below, or give us a call at Danforth Tuesday-Saturday 11-6, at (647) 347-0095 and ask for Martin or Nick =)


And most importantly! There's no such thing as stupid/silly questions! We'll answer any you may have (Just check your SPAM first!)