With over 40 years of business experience, Kops Records offers the most informative, personal, fair and thorough examination of your record collection. Unlike other stores that say they'll pay a blanket half of what they'll sell it for, or that they’ll pay $x/record, we at Kops don't believe in such generalizations. Instead, we look at each record individually, and will even pay upwards of 2/3rd’s on certain items. We also offer consignment opportunities, if you have a particularly rare item, where we sell on your behalf.

You can find a more in-depth description of our buying methods under “How We Buy”.

At Kops Records we have both the hottest New Releases, which we do our best to have at the lowest price in the city (and even online; if not, let us know!). Of course, we also have your favourite Vintage classics, both rare and common. Come shop our 40,000+ individual vinyl titles, sit in on an in-store show, check our Discogs page for some of our weirdest, rarest, and wonderfulest stuff, and stay up to date with everything Kops on our Facebook page and our Instagram.

For all Special Order inquiries on New Releases/Re-issues, feel free to email us at ! We special order at no extra charge and are almost always the lowest price.

Any questions, feel free to fill in the form below, and be sure to check our buying FAQ!

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